Canada Real Estate Market

This is How Bidding Wars are Promoting the Sellers & Destroying the Buyers

  In the 2017 Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey of the most excessively expensive urban cities in the world, Canada’s Vancouver put at number 3 and Toronto is at number 13. The reports turned out on February first, 2017. The positioning in the list depends on urban areas that have […]

Toronto reaches Vancouver’s level as the most high-priced real estate market

Toronto is crawling nearer to Vancouver with regards to house costs — particularly, as indicated by a Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) analysis, how unreasonably expensive it is. RBC’s 3rd quarter moderateness list demonstrates that 63.7% of the common family income in the Greater Toronto Area is being piped into […]

Selling and Buying Real Estate Properties in Canada

Nowadays the real estate market is very competitive and busy and this fact causes stress to both the buyers and the sellers in Canada. The Real Estate Agents make efforts to understand the tension that the participants in the sale are going through – both the sellers and the buyers. […]