Sell Real Estate In Canada

GALAXYGATE GGReal Estate in Canada stats are showing decline in sales nationwide. As the market continue to slide, it will become more of a challenge to Sell Real Estate in Western Canada. We at Galaxy Gate (GG) Western Canada recommends approaching listing your home for sale with caution and rely on advice from a licensed Real Estate Agent who has experience in your neighborhood  A qualified Real Estate Agent will provide a complete marketing plan for your property, a highest price analysis, a timeline of selling process and Listing Agreement and other related documents. It is highly important to ask the Real Estate Agent every question you have. Galaxy Gate (GG) Western Canada recommends writing up a list of questions prior to listing presentation from the GALAXY GATE Office. As our research have shown at Galaxy Gate (GG), the Real Estate Market will continue to decline for the next three years. During this time it is important to work together with the Real Estate Agent and the brokerage to perform all the necessary steps to sell your real estate investment. The Real Estate Agent should become a regular addition to your investment property, always available and addressing your concerns. The Highest Price Analysis will analyze the Listing Comparable and suggest the Listing Price for your real estate investment. The custom marketing plan will increase prospect traffic and bring serious buyers to your investments. If these two steps are performed well it will work with the timeline set at the listing presentation.

Western Canada Real EstateWhat can you do to assist your Real Estate Agent and their brokerage to sell your real estate investment? The simple things always work the best. Galaxy Gate (GG) is based in simplicity and accurate results. The simple thing Seller can do is have your real estate investment clean and easily accessible. The Real Estate Agent should be able to visit your property at a short two hours notice and if the property is kept clean it projects a professional image to the prospective buyer. The property should not be empty without furniture, ask Real Estate Agent about staging and should not have too much furniture. Simple, clean and accessible property will always Sell.

We suggest performing simple tasks which we will outline in the upcoming blogs articles.  We look forward to your comments and Real Estate Questions. Thanks for reading and support.

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