New Tax Slapped on International Buyers in Ontario for Real Estate

15% tax on international buyers buying real estate in Ontario by Ontario’s Liberal government, sources said. There are also plans of existing rent control system to cover all tenants. There have been talks on rising price in Toronto and Ontario region since months and it was only growing day by […]

Ontario RECO Region 1 Elections

Consideration ALL ONTARIO REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS Vote in favor of BARRY KAINTH, BROKER for REGION ONE DIRECTOR Voting Open Till April 24, 2017 4 p.m. Do Vote in Reco Election 2017 RECO Election is in progress. All real estate professional please VOTE in the 2017 Election. Barry will be your […]

Issues With Commission Based Businesses

To compensate the employees, employers choose the commission based system over a fixed salary system. The commission based system has some drawbacks and businesses such as real estate business, car business, and banking. Lack of Commitment Being paid on a commission based business structure can likewise give representatives the idea […]