Issues With Commission Based Businesses

To compensate the employees, employers choose the commission based system over a fixed salary system. The commission based system has some drawbacks and businesses such as real estate business, car business, and banking.

Lack of Commitment

Being paid on a commission based business structure can likewise give representatives the idea that their boss is not dedicated to them for the whole deal. The thought behind a commission based pay structure is that it rewards workers specifically for execution. On the off chance that representatives don’t perform, they don’t gain. In this condition, businesses regularly have high turnover since they are always searching for workers who can perform. At the point when your business has high turnover, your workers may never feel safe and their execution could endure.

Short Term Thinking

At the point when representatives are paid a business commission, they’re gauged and remunerated for recent deals endeavors. Despite the fact that this motivating force framework can make for driven business people, it might likewise make short term thinking. For instance, as authors Thomas N. Ingram, et al., call in their book ” Sales Management — Analysis and Decision Making,” in view of the emphasis on recent deals endeavors, an appointed businessperson may disregard possibly beneficial and long haul clients for snappy and simple deals.

Absence of Loyalty

Commissioned business people have a tendency to be profit motivated – they’ve exchanged the security of a compensation for the danger of a more prominent salary. In spite of the fact that this may augment execution, it likewise makes a domain with little dependability. As Andris A. Zoltners, et al., write in their book, “The Complete Guide to Sales Force Incentive Compensation: How to Design and Implement Plans That Work,” in light of the attention on profit, a sales representative may escape if a contender improves an offer – and he make take a large number of the organization’s customers with him.

Worker Retention

Since an authorized businesspersons’ salary is variable and exclusively with respect to what they sell, there are no security nets to help pay the bills in testing times. Hence, and not on account of an absence of steadfastness, a business may experience issues holding fruitful salesmen, particularly if the sales representatives don’t predict the market-enhancing sooner rather than later.

Negative behavior patterns Are Hard to Break

The measure of achievement for deals-commissioned representatives has a tendency to be singular deals. Along these lines, self-serving deals constrain practices may create and be hard to control. Self-serving practices may incorporate an absence of cooperation, a disregard of vital managerial obligations, a nonattendance of recordkeeping, and poor after-deals follow-up and critical thinking.

Real Estate Industry Representatives encourage the executives to work on salary based system and eliminate the commission based system in the real estate industry. Payment must be set on the basis of education and work experience of the professionals. This will result in better functioning of Canadian real estate industry.


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