It’s your home where you are going to have the best time of your life. You spend time with family, kids, call a party and relax after a hectic day. Home is not just a place, it’s a feeling. And, that feeling is worth the time and investment you put into building a custom home. When it comes to custom built homes, what do you go after?

Best priced contractors? Or Licensed Contractors?

We know that some unauthorized contractors offer the price that is too good to be true, and the licensed contractors definitely cost higher. But the security and other benefits you get while contacting a licensed custom home builder are unmatchable. Read thoroughly the benefits of contacting a licensed custom home builder that you may not know.


1. Working with a custom home builder can spare you time, as the project can be taken care of all the more proficiently and by somebody encountered with awareness and experience of the development of the task’s crucial needs;

2. You likely will see capital saving with a licensed home builder assessing numerous offers from subcontractors and getting the advantage of marked down contractual worker rates with suppliers;

3. If the banks know that you are working with a licensed custom home builder, then you get better construction loan term options.

4. A licensed custom home builder can give a legally binding guarantee to you for the home and its trustworthiness; additionally, business home guarantee organizations commonly just give scope when the house is worked by an authorized developer;

5. A licensed home builder will contract with you, oversee, facilitate and manage a venture that includes numerous exchanges as subcontractors (and can do as such when appropriately authorized; in a few states it is illicit for the builder to contract with the client and subcontractors for the work unless authorized);

6. A licensed custom home builder will have a system of associations that advantage you whether they are the best subcontractors for the assignment, or knowing how to get things done from an inspector rapidly so you can keep the job moving;

7. An experienced, custom home builder is knowledgeable about handling grants and examinations (and a permit ordinarily is required for the custom home builder to draw licenses in its name), and will know in advance what should be done to meet code necessities;

8. A licensed custom home builder ought to convey all the protection scope required and will oversee protection scope by subcontractors as well; this implies the manufacturer, not you, will be viewed as in charge of the dangers and liabilities connected with the project;

9. A custom home built by a licensed home builder ought to require less upkeep and fewer repairs amid its lifetime; a custom built home has better resale esteem and is prone to hold its worth longer.

So, when choosing a custom home builder, do give a read to these benefits. Don’t just go after less cost.

Galaxy Gate has a network of licensed custom home builders that have a superb track record and have worked in Canada for quite a long time. They quote the clients very genuine price, offer the best service and construct the home of client’s dreams. You can always leverage the services of custom home builders that are in connection
with Galaxy Gate.

Galaxy Gate is a well known real estate brand in Canada, which is known for its quality work and genuineness. We don’t allow any unauthorized custom home builders to work with us as Galaxy Gate’s name is attached to them.

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