It’s your home where you are going to have the best time of your life. You spend time with family, kids, call a party and relax after a hectic day. Home is not just a place, it’s a feeling. And, that feeling is worth the time and investment you […]

Alerting All Public and Buyers of Homes in Ontario

  Corruption – An easy word to throw around in any department or industry nowadays. Even Canada’s real estate industry isn’t behind experiencing it. The unlawful practices, illegal transactions, money laundering are at an alarming rate. The recent unlawful practice that Real Estate council of Ontario (RECO) has its eyes […]

New Tax Slapped on International Buyers in Ontario for Real Estate

15% tax on international buyers buying real estate in Ontario by Ontario’s Liberal government, sources said. There are also plans of existing rent control system to cover all tenants. There have been talks on rising price in Toronto and Ontario region since months and it was only growing day by […]